Producers of high quality, probiotic wormcastMade by feeding fully composted, farmyard manure to earthworms.

What we do

We take the finest, fully composted farmyard manure and feed this to our tiger worms. Our worms eat this compost, and by passing through thir gut, it is transformed into a rich, dark, crumbly soil-like material that we call wormcast. Wormcast is a great product to use in your garden, as it is a source of readily available plant nutrients, organic matter, and beneficial microorganisms. It improves plant and root growth, while also improving soil quality, and its 100% natural. Our products have no negative impacts on, and in fact enhance, the local environment.


Celtic Gold Probiotic Compost


Liquid Gold


Celtic Gold Extra


Living Mulch

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What the expert says

Using wormcast is like putting a spoon of live yogurt into the soil because it stimulates the beneficial microbes already in the soil. And, with the worm castings high in microbial life, they convert nutrients already present in the soil into plant available forms and give dramatic results to all plants including shrubs, hedges and trees – even lawns
Peter Dowdall Horticultural Consultant at The Pavilion Garden Centre and Gardening Correspondent for Irish Examiner